NH3 Event 2021

June 3 & 4 2021

Stichting NH3events Europe

Stichting NH3events Europe has been established in 2017 by Hans and Rianne Vrijenhoef with the purpose to bring green ammonia under the attention of a bigger audience in Europe

By presenting new technologies in the field of ammonia production, ammonia conversion as well as applications of ammonia in daily use, the aim of the foundation is to facilitate communication between intelligentsia, academics, engineers, governments and business people at an informal, pleasant and  business environment.

After a first conference at the RDM location in Rotterdam, the Diergaarde BLIJDORP was chosen as the conference location.

These locations were and still have proven to be excellent locations to maintain, strengthen and revitalize international contacts in the field of ammonia innovations. Networking in a new way, between the sharks in a green environment that matches what the foundation stands for: innovative, green and passionately illuminating all aspects of ammonia as a (green) fertilizer and as a green energy carrier and thus the future of the sustainable ammonia industry further shape.

In the meantime, the NH3event Europe Foundation has also started a collaboration with the Arab Fertilizer Association (Egypt) to promote green applications and production of green ammonia in the region, especially in the Middle East, together with the AFA.

NH3 Event 2021

Well-known politicians, ammonia experts as well as  researchers are annually invited to explain their latest findings in the field of ammonia in the broadest sense of the word. Not only technical, but also techno-commercial and R&D related sessions are a pleasant mix of speakers to think about the future of the ammonia industry, and in particular the green ammonia industry and applications, but also other forms of ammonia such as sustainable. produced ammonia (green, blue, purple and light gray).

Networking - Lectures -
and more...

Every good conference has the lectures, the forum discussions, the networking sessions and the meeting rooms.

But in the Blijdorp Zoo there is the special atmosphere of the world that passes you by when you can walk through the conducting garden before, during and after the sessions with like-minded participants, partners, colleagues, but especially customers.

This gives an extra dimension to the coming together and developing new ideas, plans and solutions for contemporary environmental problems, operational possibilities and new applications.

In the Corona period, various workshops were and still are held on certain themes, such as financing green ammonia projects, safety systems, safety and perception of ammonia in the world.

The NH3event Europe Foundation (with or without input from sponsors and the AFA) deals with these topics, usually in 1 or 2 half-days and on the basis of TEAM sessions (video sessions).