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Vrijenhoef Beheer has a long history of almost 40 years in all kinds of business development projects, usually based on or with ammonia as a basis.

Since ammonia is currently produced from natural gas and such natural gas use leads to enormous CO2 emissions, Vrijenhoef Beheer assumes solar and wind energy as the basis for future ammonia production. 

Vrijenhoef Beheer is one of the investors behind Proton Ventures BV, one of the most innovative companies for the total concept "power2ammonia and ammonia2power.

Vrijenhoef Beheer is very involved in new developments in the field of energy storage systems for industry, but also for the consumer markets and advises parties on the use of ammonia in the energy transition.

Creating the Winning Team

Creating winning teams is an art . It is essential in today’s businesses, in projects as well for organising events that the team is the winning team. Vrijenhoef Beheer is a master in selecting and creating the best teams for your business, project or event by selecting strategical partners, committed employees, innovative concepts the right knowhow and IP, but most and for all the trust in the team and stakeholders.

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