From liquid sand to "The other hydrogen" 

Chemistry creates new horizons

About Hans Vrijenhoef

Hans Vrijenhoef has been active for almost 40 years in the ammonia business and related segments. 

He has been involved in engineering, production, developments/ R&D as well as in management functions during these 40 years.

The last years Hans has been one of the leaders to green ammonia production and as the CEO of  Proton Ventures BV ( he has been leading the development towards green ammonia technologies worldwide.

Investments in R&D has led to a participation by Proton Ventures in the Battolyser development (

 As founder of Proton Ventures BV , Battolyser BV , Transhydrogen Alliance BV as well as Stichting NH3event ,Hans has now stepped down as CEO for the both companies since April 2001 but was still involved as the Chairman to the Board of Proton Ventures BV and well as Supervisory Board member in Battolyser BV.

As of 24-10-2022 Hans Vrijenhoef has agreed on an early retirement scheme as Chairman to the Board of Proton Ventures BV as well as Supervisory Board Member at Battolyser Systems BV but will keep his position in the AEA as President Elect for the agreed terms. Hans remains a main shareholder in Proton Ventures BV.

Vrijenhoef Beheer BV has been offering consultancy to the Proton Companies including MICRO Chemie BV, NFuel technologies Ltd, Transhydrogen Alliance BV, Proton Power Cooling BV , Battolyser Systems and affiliated companies and to AEA and  Stichting NH3event. As of now, Vrijenhoef Beheer will focus on greening society and all aspects required , like perception and safety and will advise institutes and organsiations like AEA , NH3event Europe.

With ceativity in chemical engineering, energy systems , fertiliser applications and more, Vrijenhoef Beheer is been involved in creating new ways to apply fertilisers, energy effciency gains, safety optimisations, smart engineering and green ammonia developments ( call it "the other Hydrogen", since ammonia is more energy dense than hydrogen or other climate neutral  energy carriers)

Hans always had a drive

Hans always has a drive towards innovations, improvements and creating new products, all with a sustainable business aspect:

“Developing liquid fertilisers for the horticultural market (under the name Fertigro at that time), CO2 liquifaction from ammonia offgasses , new 3D compressors , Melamine technology patents as all developments on green ammonia production technologies are  all examples where I did work together with creative teams in Kemira, Micro Chemie, Proton Ventures and spinn-off entities".

“As a member in today’s Ammonia Energy Association and the Stichting NH3event and AFA-NH3event, it has always given me positive energy to keep on going for developing the products, processes and management teams, in which I was involved ”